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It's been almost two months since I last shared my artwork with you all. Whaaaaat? I'm really struggling with the fact that WE'RE ONE WEEK INTO MAY ALREADY. Where has the time gone??

Ahem. That aside, I thought I would share some more art with you all today! I've been experimenting with watercolor for the first time in...three years? It's been a long time. :P As you can tell, painting isn't necessarily my strong suit--but it was a lot of fun anyway so I don't really care. XD 

(Please excuse the horrid lighting...I always ended up picking the worst times to do photo shoots, hehe.)

Han and Leia <3

Now that the flower wreath actually turned out okay...I'm afraid to add words in the middle and ruin it. Hopefully I'll gather the courage soon. ;)

A "behind-the-scenes" look at my art. The one in the middle is an unfinished hippogriff sketch, and the other two are practice sheets.

A rather loose interpretation of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. It's not my best buuuut...*shrugs*

This one took me FOREVER. Gosh, muscles are hard. This was my first time doing a "full body" drawing, and now I know why I've been scared to do them. ;)
Finally...the one some of you (*looks pointedly at Hanna*) have been waiting to see...Aragorn! Sorry if this isn't what you expected--I was doing it kind of seat-of-the-pants, and it ended up being not as realistic as some of my other Lord of the Rings artwork.
Studio C Funko Pop figurines! I completely came up with them on my own, and they were SO MUCH FUN. These probably make more sense if you've seen Studio C, though. XD
Hope you enjoyed this look into my recent (ish) artwork! As you can see, I've been playing around with a bunch of different styles/art mediums. It's been lovely. ^_^

Favorite art piece? Any tips on watercolor for a newbie? And would you like to see me try different art mediums, like pastels or oils or something? Let me know if you have any art ideas because I love to try new things!

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  1. *gasps*
    *can speak no words*
    GUUUUUURRRRRLL!!!!!!!!!! THESE. ARE. AWESOME!!!!! You probably didn't know but I'm REALLY into drawing, painting, and creating things on paper- but I think you like to make MAGIC on paper! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY AMAZING AT THIS, AND YES PLEASE POST MORE! I need it. ;)
    Jaidyn Elise

    1. GAHHHHHH THANK YOUUUUU!!!! You are such a sweetie!

      *blushes* Magic on paper?? Oh goodness, I doubt that, hehe. BUT YOU ARE AWESOME, OKAY? *hugs you* I'll definitely be posting more of my artwork in the future. ^_^

  2. Just. So. Pretty. That flower ring... *melts at the loveliness*

    Faith //

    1. You're. So. Sweet. *melts at YOUR loveliness* <3

  3. MARY. These are seriously SO GORGEOUS! I love love love the one you did of Han and Leia, it's so beautiful. And that flower ring! I would totally use that as a header for a post - you could basically design the graphics for your own blog! *is jealous* xD Seriously, you've got talent, my friend! Way to go!

    (oh, by the way, how do you manage to keep your paper from curling when you use watercolors?)

    ~ Savannah

    1. EEEK SAV!! You have no idea how happy your comment made me. <3 I never even thought of the flower wreath as a blog post header, but that's not a bad idea. I'm afraid to finish it still because I don't want to mess up the words in the middle of the wreath. XD

      (Ah, well, I didn't actually need to do anything since I was only painting smaller areas of my paper, rather than covering the entire piece with a wash. However, if I were painting the whole thing, I would tape the sides down with masking tape to prevent warping. ^_^)

  4. SO CUTE! I watercolor on note cards ALL THE TIME. Your Pascal is adorable :D
    the Wonderkept life

    1. AW THANKS! Yessss, your watercolors are seriously goals. *sighs blissfully* Thanks, I'm very partial to Pascal. :D


    I think your water colors are gorgeous. I mean, look at Han and Leia. AND DAT WREATH.

    Superman and Aragorn are sooo spectacular. I love 'em!

    ALSO STUDIO C FUNKO POP FIGURES!!!!!!!!!! The second I saw that pic (before reading what they were) I was thinking, "STUDIO C CHARACTERS!" Those are so fantastic!

    ALL OF THESE ARE FANTASTIC. I love your style!


      AWWWWWW. *hugs you* Thank you so much, Lauri!!!

      *grins* Thanks! Superman was one of the most challenging pieces of art I've actually done so I'm pretty pleased with the results. ;)

      ASKDLSHSLD YESSSS. I'm so glad you recognized them!! They were admittedly one of my FAVORITE drawings to do. They're just so much funnnn!

      GOSH, YOU'RE THE BEST!! Thanks again, darling. <3

  6. OHHHH your art is awesome! My favorites are the flower wreath and the Elizabeth and Darcy one! <3 Lovely!

    1. Thank you muchly, Clara! I'm so glad you liked them. <3

  7. Beautiful! The one of Han and Leia was ADORABLE!!
    Ah, I like your Aragorn! It doesn't look exactly like I expected, but I like it! Once again, not in my uncanny valley, so great job! And I actually think it really looks like him, EVEN THOUGH I can't place a time I've seen him make that face. So altogether, I call it a smashing success!

    1. AWWW. Thank you! I did that rather spontaneously on May the Fourth as a way of celebrating. ;)

      Oh good! I'm so glad you approve, haha. It's tricky doing characters that people (including myself) adore because you want to get them just right. I obviously didn't get it "just right," but I'm pleased with how it turned out so I guess that's the most important thing. :)

    2. I LOVE THAT. I need to try drawing some Star Wars characters!

      Oh my word, so much yes! I've only tried drawing Aragorn once and it was a TOTAL fail. I pretty much hate it, but it's on a tiny piece of paper with a bunch of other characters (which turned out fine), so I kept it around.
      Have you ever tried drawing Legolas?? *hint, hint*

    3. THANK YOU!! Yessss, you totally do! I finished a drawing of Jyn Erso the other day, actually. :)

      Haha, I can relate. Sometimes, I do a horrendous job but if the other drawings on the page turned out, I have to keep it. ;)

      Yes, I've drawn him before! I'm pretty happy with the result, but I'd like to give it another try. I feel like my art skills have improved enough that I could do him more justice now. ;)

  8. Ahh! Mary these are soo beautiful! <3 ARAGORN!!! I really like your Superman and Pascal too! :D

    1. KARYSSA THANK YOU! <3 I'm so glad you liked them! Superman was by far the hardest so I'm glad it turned out, haha.