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A few weeks ago, I mentioned on my other blog that my artwork had improved a lot during February. Some of you asked in the comments if I would be willing to share my guess what I'm doing? (Tough question, I know. XD) 

That's right! I'm sharing some of my artwork today! Actually, I've wanted to do this for a while, and that's part of the point of this blog. Hopefully, by having this blog, it will push me to improve my art skills. Heaven knows they could always use improvement. :P 

So please keep in mind that I'm a) not an expert *laughs at the thought* and b) completely incompetent at taking pictures of my artwork. Pointers on photographing drawings, anyone? 

Without further ado, here are some pieces of art I've done--both new and old.

Moana (still haven't seen this movie, by the way)

Assorted drawings

Peter and Wendy <3
Mary Poppins. Too bad my drawing isn't practically perfect in any way. :P
Edmund from The Chronicles of Narnia
Random faces I came up with. 
Probably my favorite one. ;)
Frodo--I'm really proud of this one, even though it's an older drawing. 

Not actually a drawing...but I had to show you all this Frodo bookmark I made.
Isn't it cute? ^_^
Well, that's it for today. Let me know if you would like me to show more of my artwork. Most likely, I'll keep posting about it regardless. XD (Because yes, it's part of why I even have Silver Horizons.)

What was your favorite picture? Any artwork requests? (I especially love drawing characters, if you couldn't tell.)

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  1. AAAHHHH!!! YAYAYAYAY! I was sooo hoping to see some of your art. AND I LOVE IT!!!

    I was totally internally squealing when I saw Peter and Wendy (MY BABIES <33333), and that MARY POPPINS. That one might be my favorite of these. It IS practically perfect! I JUST LOVE IT.


    I haven't seen Moana either, but your drawing of her is PRECIOUS. ALSO EDMUND. And the random faces are so, so, sooooo cute.


    1. EEEK YOU PRECIOUS MUFFIN! (Hope you don't mind being compared to muffins, lol. I love both of you. ;D)

      Yessss, Peter and Wendy are my darlings! *laughs because that pun was totally not intended* Oh, really? I like that one a lot, too! I have a special spot for Mary Poppins in my heart. <3

      AHHHHHHHH YES. All the Lord of the Rings stuff, precious.

      Awwwww, you're just making me smile so big over here! *hugs you* THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEAR!!! I'm thrilled to pieces that you liked my artwork. I'll have to see about showing you guys some more soon. :D :D

  2. MARY!! These are so gooood!
    Your Frodo! I can't even.
    Do you know what your uncanny valley means? It's essentially when you see a picture of something, and it disturbs you for some reason, because something about it isn't quite right. I think--I've sometimes found I have made up my own definitions without realizing it. =)
    ANYWAY--most pictures of the L.R. characters that are so detailed end up in my uncanny valley. But your picture of Frodo wasn't AT ALL, it was just beautiful. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE MORE MARY DRAWINGS OF MIDDLE EARTH CHARACTERS! #hopelesslotrgeek

    1. HANNA! Your comment means so much to me, seriously. <3

      Wowwwww...that is a high compliment indeed! I DO know what uncanny valley means--in fact, I often experience it with my own artwork and it drives me crazy. :P BUT GOSH. That really means more than you could ever know, Hanna. Truly.

      I will definitely be doing more Middle-earth characters in the future! (I just did one actually, and I think it turned out pretty good?? *crosses fingers*) Hopefully they turn out okay, haha. ;)

    2. What, you did another?? Why have you not posted this?? PLEASE?! *puppy dog eyes*

  3. *jaw drops to the floor* MARY, THESE ARE AMAZING!!! <3 There are literally no words (that I can think of) that can adequately describe what I think/feel about your drawings. You're so talented! My favorites are the Frodo and Peter+Wendy ones. :) I look forward to seeing more! :D

    1. OMW, KARYSSA, THANK YOU!!! <3 *I* have no words to describe my happiness from your comment. Eeek, those are probably my favorites, too! I can't wait to show you all some more of my artwork sometime. ^_^

  4. MARY POPPINS IS AMAZING. You completely captured her personality in that.
    AND FRODO! <3
    That photo at the beginning of you post is really pretty. *nods*
    ALL THE LORD OF THE RINGS CHARACTERS Okay, that might be a bit much. But some? *hopeful look* Ooh, what about Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy?

    1. WOWOWOWOW THANK YOU! I was hoping it would come across that way. :D

      EEK YES. The Frodo sketch is personal favorite...if I can have one. ;)

      Oh, thanks! I had a bunch of fun with some flower petals last month, haha. The only downside is that you can really see all the crumbs in my keyboard in certain pictures. :P

      I TOTALLY AGREE, JUST SAYIN'. (Pretty sure I will draw most of them at some And I miiiiight just have drawn a certain regency couple the other day. Just maybe. ;)

  5. So very cute!! I always like seeing other people's artwork. Just published some of mine on the blog...mostly I put on watercolors <3
    -Michaila from the Wonderkept life (

    1. Awww, thank you! I've really gotten into drawing a lot lately. :D

      BUT ASDLSHALDFLG MICHAILA. I checked out your watercolor artwork...AND IT'S AMAZING. You seriously have a lot of talent, and I neeeeed to see more. <333

  6. Thank you for sharing your drawings! I like the random faces. Random faces can be such fun-that's mostly what I do.
    I hardly ever take photos of art, I just use a scanner. But that's not as fun as taking a photoshoot, with props and such.

    1. Well, I'm so glad you enjoyed! Ooh, yes, I love doing random faces, too. I used to do that all the time, but recently I've been drawing tons of characters. (Which is also loads of fun.)

      Ah, I didn't even think to use a scanner, haha! But yep, photoshoots are awesome...if I can figure out how to take decent photos of my artwork. These definitely weren't the best. ;P

  7. So on top of being hilarious and adorable, you're an amazing artist??

    Seriously though, that is very impressive. My favorite is Peter and Wendy. THEY'RE SO CUTE!

    1. !!!!

      EVANGELINE, WHAT EVEN. You are the best, okay??

      Awwww, thank you! They're one of my favorites as well. <3